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December 18, 2023
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Exit strategies galore, next 12 months – courtesy VenturEast’s Sanjeev Yamsani.

VenturEast, one of the oldest and well-established venture capital firms in India, has revealed its plans for the coming year. The firm is nearing full deployment of its sixth fund, which boasts a corpus nearing $100 million. Primarily investing in early-stage companies with investments ranging from $3 to $8 million, VenturEast focuses on seed, pre-Series A, Series A, and pre-Series B stages of funding. The company has a diverse portfolio covering numerous sectors such as fintech.

  • VenturEast’s sixth fund is nearing full deployment, with nearly $100 million corpus.
  • The firm plans to focus keenly on exits in the coming 12 months, as indicated by partner Sanjeev Yamsani.
  • VenturEast typically invests $3-8 million in early-stage firms across seed, pre-Series A, Series A, and pre-Series B stages.
  • The venture capital firm has an extensive portfolio that includes fintech startups among others.

In an interaction with partner Sanjeev Yamsani, he expressed that the firm will be focusing significantly on exits over the next year. Although the specifics and details were not disclosed, this suggests a shift in the investment strategy or at least a rebalancing of the portfolio by VenturEast.

The Indian startup ecosystem has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. With increasing number of users coming online, the scope for digital business has exploded. VenturEast’s well-timed investments across all stages of a startup’s growth journey has helped it to create a robust and versatile portfolio in this dynamic market.

As VenturEast enters a new fiscal year, their strategy, spearheaded by Yamsani, will put much needed emphasis on managing the portfolio and focusing on exits. This could potentially result in lucrative returns for the firm and its investors. However, the details of which startups or sectors they will focus on exiting from were not disclosed.

Founded in 1997, VenturEast has been a key player in the Indian venture capital scene. Over the last two decades, the firm has backed many successful startups, contributing significantly to the development of the Indian startup ecosystem. The next 12 months might see some significant shifts in the company’s portfolio, and the market waits to see how the strategy pans out.

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