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June 30, 2024
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Exciting News: Kita Foundation Secures Investment from FZF Ventures


  • Kita Foundation secures a venture capital investment from FZF Ventures in the first half of 2024.
  • The partnership aims to integrate social networking with blockchain technology to create user-centric platforms.

The Kita Foundation, focused on the Social-Fi space, has received a venture capital investment from FZF Ventures to support innovation and growth within the blockchain and social networking ecosystems. This partnership aims to integrate financial incentives into user interactions on social networking platforms to create more meaningful connections and rewards for users. The investment criteria include alignment with Social-Fi principles, innovative use of blockchain, community and user empowerment, and sustainable growth potential.

FZF Ventures’ strategic support and guidance will help the Kita Foundation identify and nurture projects with strong potential for growth and innovation within the blockchain and social networking spaces. The investments facilitated by FZF Ventures will contribute to the expansion and maturation of the Social-Fi ecosystem by accelerating the growth of funded projects. Additionally, the partnership will provide access to FZF Ventures’ network of partners and industry experts for collaboration and mutual growth within the ecosystem.

The Kita Foundation plans to continue its investment strategy throughout 2024, focusing on fostering innovation across the Social-Fi landscape. By integrating social networking with blockchain’s financial mechanisms, the platform aims to reward engagement and participation within its decentralized ecosystem, which already boasts 15,000 monthly active users and partnerships with various organizations in the industry.

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