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January 11, 2024
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Empowering Your Investment: Gruhas and Collective Artists Unite


  • Gruhas, an India-focused venture capital fund, has partnered with Collective Artists Network to create the Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund.
  • The fund has an initial investment of 150 Crore rupees ($18.29 million) and aims to foster innovative consumer brands in India.
  • The partnership between Gruhas and Collective Artists Network is expected to drive innovation and transformative change in India’s business landscape.

India-focused venture capital fund Gruhas has teamed up with Collective Artists Network to establish the Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund. The fund, with an initial investment of 150 Crore rupees ($18.29 million), is dedicated to supporting and nurturing innovative consumer brands in India. Gruhas stated that the fund aims to bring about a transformative era in India’s entrepreneurial landscape, and sees this partnership as a pivotal milestone in the country’s business ecosystem. The collaboration between media, sports, entertainment, and venture capital is expected to have a significant impact on consumption and empower Indian entrepreneurs.

Vijay Subramaniam, Founder and Group CEO of Collective Artists Network, highlighted the significance of the alliance in driving innovation and transformative change in India’s business fabric. He expressed excitement over the collaboration, which combines the expertise of both organizations to provide exceptional access within the media ecosystem and redefine India’s entrepreneurial landscape. Nikhil Kamath, Co-Founder of Gruhas, emphasized the opportunity to transform the Indian consumer landscape. The partnership aims to cultivate a new wave of brands that resonate with the dynamic Indian consumer and pave the way for the next chapter in India’s growth narrative.

The initial investments made by the alliance signal a dedication to supporting groundbreaking ventures in various segments within the creator economy. The fund has already made strategic investments in a trailblazing sexual wellness brand and an innovative innerwear company, among others. These investments aim to reinforce the commitment to transformative ideas. Abhijeet Pai, Co-founder and General Partner of Gruhas, described the partnership as a paradigm shift for India’s startup ecosystem, combining Silicon Valley’s thought leadership with the star power of Hollywood.

As the Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund continues to expand, it aims to drive dynamic transformation within India’s business sphere. The partnership creates an environment where groundbreaking ideas thrive, shaping and redefining the nation’s economic landscape.

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