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January 23, 2024
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Embark on a Revolutionary Web3 Journey with Paper Ventures’ Early-Stage Fund


– Paper Ventures has launched a new $25M blockchain venture capital fund to invest in early stage web3 and blockchain projects.
– The founders of Paper Ventures, Danish Chaudhry, Oliver Blakey, and Ivailo Jordanov, have extensive experience in web3 investment and aim to not only fund but also nurture the projects they identify.

Paper Ventures, a new blockchain venture capital fund, has been launched with an initial $25M fund to invest in early stage web3 and blockchain projects. The fund is supported by industry veterans Danish Chaudhry, Oliver Blakey, and Ivailo Jordanov, who have vast experience in web3 investment from a venture capital perspective. They have chosen to cap their fund at $25M to focus on early stage projects where they believe they can make a significant impact.

The founders of Paper Ventures have declared their intention to not only provide funding but also to provide resources and connections to help portfolio projects succeed. With their extensive industry experience and network, they aim to give projects the support they need to thrive.

The $25M fund was raised with the participation of traditional hedge funds, family offices, exchanges, founders, and other high-net-worth crypto OGs. The founders of Paper Ventures have been active in the space since 2010 and have provided early funding for projects such as Frax Finance, SEI, Polygon, Injective, Polkadot, Moonbeam, and Cosmos. They also have experience funding GameFi projects such as Merit Circle/Beam, Illuvium, and YGG.

Oliver Blakey, one of the founders of Paper Ventures, is a former poker pro with skills in game theory, which he has used to help founders prepare to launch native tokens. He previously co-founded and managed Ascensive Assets, which grew to over $1B in AUM during his tenure.

Danish Chaudhry, another founder of Paper Ventures, has a background in traditional finance and has worked at Ernst & Young and BlackRock. He went on to found and launch FMFW.io (previously the Bitcoin.com Exchange).

Ivailo Jordanov, the third founder of Paper Ventures, is a successful entrepreneur and founding member of Altitude.fi and Dasalus Collective.

The founders of Paper Ventures are passionate about blockchain and its transformative power. They are committed to supporting visionary entrepreneurs and driving impactful change. They aim to invest in groundbreaking ideas and use their experience to elevate the brilliant minds behind them.

Paper Ventures serves as a springboard for visionary entrepreneurs, providing them with capital, resources, and strategic mentorship to thrive in the web3 landscape. The founders share a deep-rooted passion for supporting under-the-radar projects that can shape the future digital world.

For more information, visit https://paper.ventures/.

Contact: Info@paper.ventures

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