Today: June 11, 2024
June 11, 2024
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Day One Ventures Soars with $150 Million Third Fund


  • Masha Bucher, founder of Day One Ventures, successfully closed the third fund at $150 million, surpassing the original target of $100 million.
  • Day One’s portfolio companies include successful startups like Truebill, Remote, and Superhuman.

An exclusive article by Allie Garfinkle in Fortune reveals the success story of Day One Ventures, led by founder Masha Bucher. The article highlights Bucher’s unconventional background, having defected from Russia and transitioned from running a successful PR studio to entering the VC industry. Despite facing challenges in raising the first fund, she saw rapid success with investments like Truebill, which was later acquired for almost $1.3 billion.

Day One Ventures’ impact goes beyond financial success, with portfolio companies valued at over $115 billion and showcasing an impressive net IRR of 48% for the second fund. Bucher’s proactive and communicative approach plays a significant role in bridging gaps between tech founders and stakeholders, setting the firm apart in the industry. The future outlook includes a more end-to-end relationship between tech and regulators, aiming to educate policymakers about early-stage tech companies.

Overall, Day One Ventures’ success can be attributed to Bucher’s strategic investments, strong communication skills, and forward-looking approach that positions the firm for continued growth and impact in the VC landscape.

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