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December 14, 2023
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CEE Female Powerhouses Sculpting the Worldwide VC Terrain

In the global VC landscape, a number of women from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are making significant contributions. These professionals bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the table, supporting the next generation of tech startups from Silicon Valley to London. The talented women come from different sectors and specialize in various areas, from early-stage investments to corporate development.

  • Andrea Zitna, a Partner at the London office of Speedinvest, with over €1B to invest in pre-seed, Seed, and early-stage tech startups across Europe. She’s passionate about businesses that challenge healthcare taboos and envisions a future of inclusive, personalized, and preventative care.
  • Irina Elena Haivas, a Partner at the UK-based Atomico, invests in technology companies at their earliest stages through to IPO. She’s on the lookout for founders with a clear understanding of AI, software, and infrastructure.
  • Luciana Lixandru, Sequoia’s European Partner, has vast experience in the investment sector, having led Series A & B for Romania’s unicorn, UiPath, among others.
  • Mina Mutafchieva Van Ingelgem, a Partner at Dawn Capital, has led investments of over €75M in B2B software companies like Eigen Technologies, AccessFintech, LeanIX, and CluedIn.
  • Dafina Toncheva, a General Partner in the US Venture Partners, focuses on emerging technologies in Enterprise SaaS applications and security.
  • Jana Iris, an investor at the US-based TQ Ventures, is skilled at building communities and has worked at several early-stage startups.
  • Marianna Bonechi, the Managing Partner of Slava Venture and Avy Ventures, invests in Ukrainian teams and has a rich background in corporate development and M&A.
  • Milena Bogdanova Bursztyn, a versatile venture investor, and startup advisor, invests in tech-driven companies in the food sector with Portfolia and in underrepresented founders with Newtype Ventures.
  • Oana Olteanu, a Partner at Signal Fire, invests in AI companies and is a machine learning engineer with a background in early-stage investments.
  • Tina Dimitrova, a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, backs founders disrupting and creating categories across North America and Europe.

The value these women bring to the VC landscape is a testament to the rising talent from the CEE region. They play a crucial role in shaping the global tech startup ecosystem, breaking barriers and redefining norms. The leadership, commitment, and diversity displayed by these female professionals set the stage for future leaders in the VC realm.

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