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January 9, 2024
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Carta’s Public Battle: Unlocking Private Markets’ Worst Fears


  • Carta, a cap table management and software unicorn, has come under scrutiny after allegations emerged that it used customer data without permission to benefit its own business
  • As a result of the accusations, Carta put a hold on its sales outreach and announced its exit from the secondary trading business

In trying to understand the potential legal ramifications of Carta’s actions, it is important to look at both the contractual obligations of the company and data privacy regulations

While it remains unclear whether Carta has broken any laws, the ethical concerns and damage to customer relations are significant

Carta has had previous scandals, including allegations of harassment and discrimination, and has also faced challenges linked to layoffs and pricing

The fallout from this incident could have wider implications for the startup ecosystem if uncontrolled sales of company shares occur, potentially affecting valuations and causing power struggles

Competitors now see an opportunity to attract customers who are looking to distance themselves from Carta

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