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January 16, 2024
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Building a Fearless Personal Brand: Insights from Afterwork’s Jessy Wu


  • Jessy Wu, partner at Afterwork Ventures, emphasizes the importance of bravery and building a personal brand in the venture capital industry.
  • She discusses her experiences and insights on the First Cheque podcast, focusing on the journey of ideas and the concept of the “Overton Window.”
  • Wu also highlights the significance of confidence in decision-making and the value of voicing contrarian ideas.

Afterwork Ventures partner Jessy Wu recently appeared on the First Cheque podcast to discuss the importance of bravery and building a personal brand in the venture capital industry. Wu is known for her bold insights and has a strong following on LinkedIn. The podcast aims to provide practical knowledge from experienced investors, and Wu’s episode focused on the journey of ideas from fringe to mainstream.

During the podcast, Wu introduced the concept of the “Overton Window,” which refers to the evolution of ideas from being initially unthinkable to becoming gradually acceptable and eventually popular. Understanding this concept can help investors identify potential early-stage startups that are on the brink of mainstream adoption. Wu also emphasized the significance of confidence in decision-making and encouraged individuals to voice their opinions, even if they are contrarian.

According to Wu, confidence is crucial in a field like venture capital, and individuals should have the courage to express their ideas, especially when they have a stake in the game. She believes that anyone with a vested interest in the industry should have the right to be heard. By being a lightning rod for certain conversations, individuals can attract attention and build a community aligned with their fund’s strategy.

Wu’s insights shed light on the importance of bravery and personal branding in the venture capital industry. Building a strong personal brand can help investors stand out and attract attention. Additionally, having the confidence to voice unique opinions and challenge conventional thinking can lead to valuable insights and opportunities. Understanding societal shifts and spotting innovative ideas on the verge of mainstream adoption is key to successful investing.

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