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December 18, 2023
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Artemis’ Anand: Shaping 2024 returns with pivotal investment themes.

  • According to Artemis’ Paras Anand, the key investment themes expected to shape returns in 2024 include public infrastructure growth, AI, and recovery opportunities in the UK and emerging markets.
  • In the post-Global Financial Crisis period, Silicon Valley was a hotspot for billions of dollars in investment from public markets, venture capital and private equity due to its disruptive, tech-enabled businesses and easy access to capital.

However, Anand suggests that the incoming capital cycle will look much different. While the article does not delve into specifics, it appears that the focus is likely to shift away from Silicon Valley’s technology companies towards different sectors and regions for returns and investments.

Emerging markets and the recovery of the UK’s economy may offer significant opportunities for investors in 2024. These regions have been experiencing diversified growth and are expected to continue benefiting from this trend into the next year. Anand recommends investors to explore these markets for diversified investment opportunities.

Public infrastructure is also set to become a key investment theme, offering lucrative possibilities for returns. As governments worldwide incentivize public infrastructure projects to support and stimulate their economies, related sectors are likely to see a boost.

Lastly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to play a significant role in shaping investment returns in 2024. AI’s drastic transformation of various sectors and industries from healthcare to finance, coupled with its expected growth trajectory, represents a fertile investment landscape.

To capitalize on these potential opportunities, investors are encouraged to expand their horizons beyond the traditional tech titans of Silicon Valley and instead focus on these emerging investment themes.

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