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December 18, 2023
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Artemis’ Anand: Guiding Your 2024 Returns with Key Investment Themes.

Some of the key investment themes that are expected to shape returns in 2024, as highlighted by Artemis’ Paras Anand, include:

  • Growth in public infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Opportunities for a recovery in the UK and emerging markets

Artemis’ Paras Anand points out that the investment landscape has drastically changed in the decade since the Global Financial Crisis. Accommodative interest rates and a strong capital cycle had led to an influx of investments in disruptive, capital-light, tech-enabled businesses, especially in Silicon Valley.

However, looking at the investment landscape for 2024, Anand believes that the key themes are likely to be shifts such as a focus on the expansion of public infrastructure and opportunities in the field of AI, areas that have been gathering more attention from investors recently.

Moreover, Anand sees promising prospects for recovery in the UK and in emerging markets. This suggests that investors looking for promising returns in 2024 might do well to pay attention to these areas. While the UK’s economy has been challenged by Brexit uncertainties, emerging markets could provide an appealing mix of relatively cheap valuations and strong growth potential.

Overall, the investment themes outlined by Anand serve as a guideline for investors to understand where promising returns may lie in the future. Given the level of dynamism and uncertainty in today’s global economy, such insight can be invaluable for investment planning and decision-making.

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