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December 18, 2023
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Artemis’ Anand: 2024’s Investment Trends Driving Returns.

  • Artemis’ Paras Anand outlined the key investment themes that will shape returns in 2024.
  • Growth in public infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI), together with recovery opportunities within the UK and emerging markets were highlighted among the next prospects.

Paras Anand of Artemis Funds has shed light on the potential investment themes that will be pivotal in steering returns in 2024. In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, the investment landscape was dominated by accommodative interest rates and a solid capital cycle that was largely propelled by Silicon Valley. Disruptive, tech-savvy firms with a light capital nature lured massive investments from venture capital and private equity, and eventually public markets.

However, according to Anand, the upcoming capital cycle will markedly differ from its predecessors. The focus will most likely shift towards a combination of growth from public infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, it is projected that promising recovery opportunities will emerge in both UK and emerging markets. With their distinct range of benefits, these three areas could provide prospective hunting ground for investors in the coming year.

The investment environment’s shift from tech-oriented ventures hailing from Silicon Valley to a diversified pool of promising opportunities signifies the changing dynamics of the capital market. This development underscores the importance for investors to stay updated with emerging trends to capitalize on the most rewarding prospects.

In summary, while the previous investment climate was heavily influenced by tech-driven businesses, the future shows potential for multiple areas of growth. This notion, as proposed by Paras Anand, highlights the significance of diversification in investment strategies and the continuous adaptation to changing market trends.

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