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January 19, 2024
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Angel to MSA Novo: Yazeed Al-Shammari’s Startup Journey Unveiled


– Yazeed Al-Shammari, an influential figure at UAE-based investment firm MSA Novo, discusses his journey in the venture capital and startup ecosystems of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
– MSA Novo specializes in providing global best practices and institutional support to portfolio companies, focusing on financial returns and fostering innovation and positive societal change.

Key Points:

– Yazeed Al-Shammari began his journey in startups and venture capital in 2010, gaining experience and understanding in the intersection of innovation, investment, and societal progress in the Middle East.
– He co-founded Dalliance, a successful startup, before joining MSA Novo, where he guides investments toward startups that contribute to economic returns and societal advancements.
– Yazeed played a crucial role in nurturing Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial sector, supporting over 500 startups across diverse fields and contributing to the growth of the country’s innovative ecosystem.
– He emphasizes the importance of investing in ventures that bring financial returns and drive positive social and economic change, particularly in emerging markets.
– MSA Novo distinguishes itself by its local expertise, patient capital, strategic networking, tailored support, and impact focus.
– Yazeed evaluates startup investments based on market potential, product-market fit, regulatory environment, innovation level, financial health, social impact, exit opportunities, and risk management.
– He advises new investors to conduct thorough local market due diligence, cultivate strong networks, focus on long-term and impactful strategies, and develop well-defined exit plans.
– Yazeed’s resource management framework for early-stage founders includes lean operations, strategic hiring, cash flow monitoring, and iterative development.
– He provides practical strategies for entrepreneurs to navigate fundraising successfully, emphasizing proper preparation and a clear and compelling pitch.
– Yazeed navigates diverse markets through local contacts and real-time data, with international forums and on-site visits further enhancing his insights for making informed investment decisions.

Overall, the article highlights Yazeed Al-Shammari’s journey in startups and venture capital, his role at MSA Novo, and his commitment to investing in ventures that bring financial returns and drive positive societal change. It also provides insights into his investment strategies and advice for new investors and entrepreneurs.

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