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December 13, 2023
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AllSpice.io secures $10m, revolutionizing hardware design with expansive growth.

  • AllSpice.io, a platform for hardware development, raised an extra $6 million in venture capital in a funding round involving players like Root Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, Benchstrength, Bowery Capital, and several angel investors.
  • The platform, also known as Git for hardware collaboration, is used in electronics design by Electrical Engineers, Hardware Engineers, and PCB Designers, enabling them to modernize their workflows using Git technologies.
  • The funds will broaden the enterprise customer base, as well as develop new features and expand complex implementations, integrations, and additional ECAD format support.

AllSpice.io serves as a foundation for hardware teams, paralleling what GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket do for software teams. The platform is currently used by Firmware Engineers, Software Engineers, Contract Manufacturers, and Procurement Departments, in addition to Hardware Engineers, PCB Designers, and Electrical Engineers.

The company’s clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500s across industries like robotics, instrumentation, aerospace, consumer electronics, transportation, medical devices, and automotive.

Valentina Ratner, Co-Founder & CEO of AllSpice.io, stated that after decades of stagnant toolsets, enterprises are showing a colossal appetite for modernized electronics design processes. “Hardware development timelines have compressed from years to months in the last decade, which means hardware and electrical engineering teams need to be 10x more efficient, yet their tools have remained largely the same,” Ratner explained.

Hence, the company will utilize the recent funding for the release of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) for hardware development and the implementation of AI for electronics design. It also plans to support a growing number of enterprise customers, expand the team, product roadmap, support additional ECAD formats, and SaaS integrations.

AllSpice.io is a hardware collaboration platform that provides effortless Git-based revision control, a central hub for cross-team collaboration, workflow automation, and design analytics. The platform seamlessly integrates native engineering design tools for more streamlined processes and improved efficiency.

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