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January 17, 2024
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Africa’s Thriving Venture Capital Scene: 2024 Trends and Beyond

Trends to watch out for in the venture capital scene in Africa in 2024 and beyond include:

  • Challenges faced by African tech startups in raising venture capital in 2023
  • Decrease in venture capital funds raised in Africa during 2023
  • Impact on growth-stage companies due to decreased funding availability
  • Difficulties faced by female founders in raising venture capital
  • Resilience and innovation shown by startups in finding alternate ways to address funding challenges
  • Expected cautious approach by investors in the post-SVB collapse scenario
  • Importance of strong business strategies and focus on critical issues to successfully raise funding
  • Need for startups to demonstrate capital efficiency and attractive value propositions to attract investors
  • Importance of networking and systemic challenges in funding female-led companies
  • Need for startups to focus on creating impact and conducting thorough research on potential investors
  • Potential for startups to address local needs and rapidly scale in diverse African markets

Overall, the venture capital landscape in Africa is expected to face challenges in 2024, but startups can overcome these challenges by being innovative, focusing on impact, and demonstrating attractive value propositions to investors.

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