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December 21, 2023
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2024: Unveiling the Future of Digital Health Investment!

Patients and providers are increasingly adopting generative AI solutions that assist with clinical documentation and medical imaging interpretation, making generative AI a hot area of investor interest in 2023. Surgical robotics is another attractive category for investors, with more than $860 million raised in venture capital funding this year. The report predicts that funding for surgical robotics startups will increase in 2024 due to increased demand for soft tissue procedures, emerging opportunities in sectors not previously focused on by surgical robot incumbents, and burnout crises that have made robotic solutions more attractive to providers as they improve efficiency and decrease cognitive burden. The report also discusses the IPO freeze in the digital health space this year but predicts that at least three digital health companies will go public next year. However, the market environment will likely continue to be challenging for late-stage digital startups due to a small number of acquirers, limited investor demand for unprofitable IPOs, and economic headwinds.

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